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September 2007

A Toy Before the Holiday

September 21, 2007

I picked up one of those little tennis ball thrower dog toys a few days ago, but hadn’t yet brought it in. Before it was Shabbat I thought I would bring it in and play with the dogs. Just bringing it in from the car the handle was a smell fest for the dogs – […]

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Twitter Tutorial

September 18, 2007

If you aren’t already on twitter – or if you have a friend you are trying to get into twitter here is a tutorial of twitter. The basics are covered in the first 11 minutes and the rest of the video goes into a slightly more in depth view of twitter.

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The Patience of Dogs

September 9, 2007

Some times I think I am very lucky to have dogs. Here it is late at night and as I prepare to say Slichot (penetential prayers – in this case in preparation for Rosh Hashanah) I look down at girl dog and ask her if she wants to say Slichot. I keep on prattling on […]

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Wine Tasting – Kosher Wines

September 1, 2007

I’ve never done a wine tasting before so why not do a self run one on camera 🙂 This was a MealToday for Viddler. Wine tasting of a Malbec from Argentina, Cabernet Savignion from Solano, CA, Tempranillo from Spain & a Muscat from the Golan.

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