A Little Bit of Mind Share

by Goldie on October 13, 2009

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Today I happened upon a few things relating to the mind, and how it analyzes data.
The first is a TED talk by Beau Lotto on Optical Illusions and how they show what we see:

It was fascinating to see how our eyes, or rather our mind, reinterprets color based on the context in which it sees.  It isn’t just video cameras that are affected by white balance, but our visual processing as well. 

Another bit of mind play can be found in a couple of toys that are recently on the market.  The Mindflex Game and the Star Wars Force Trainer both use the “power of concentration” to control the force of air on a ball thus levitating the ball.  Obviously the sensors are fairly limited sensors of the brain, but then the pricing does need to be within the bounds of a reasonable toy price.  When I saw these toys I was reminded of the original Star Trek episode, The Menagerie. In the episode Captain Pike is in a chair that allows him to speak by blinking “yes” or “no”.  When I first saw the episode lo those many years ago (likely around 1975, I wasn’t born when it was first released) I thought it preposterous that if they had developed technology to fly spacecrafts at warp speed that the best they could do for Captain Pike was something that blinked yes or no.  I remember spending days thinking about how they might do something better. Even with just an “on/off” sensor you could at least get something like morse code.  When I saw these toys I saw that we already have – in toys, much less in medical devices, sufficient technology to get what Captain Pike had in his huge chair.  It will be interesting to see how the “mind games” evolve.

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