Conductive Leadership

by Goldie on October 23, 2009

in Society and Culture

What is embedded below is a very subtle but extremely enjoyable talk on using conducting styles as examples of leadership styles.  The lesson is taught through a series of videos of great conductors.  (Of course now I want to go and find the full movies of each of the snippets – the music is beautiful.)

In the talk he hints to the importance of clear direction, yet given in a way where there is a place for everyone’s story.  However more than just leaving the space the ideal conductor brings out and encourages each member of the orchestra.   As a leadership style it is an interesting and challenging style.  It requires finding the balance between clear direction and yet allowing each person their place, until ultimately the harmony of the organization can come out seemingly with the leader doing nothing, yet clearly still being present and leading in a near invisible way. 

The final video shows this combination and it is quite impressive.  In the end the leadership needs to have provided enough support and direction until the team is at a point where the vision of the task is shared, yet each expresses it individually and with unique competence.  More than just great leadership it requires a great team, perhaps one that is developed, or perhaps one that is selected.

And with that, I leave you with the video of the TED talk by Itay Talgam on Leading Like the Great Conductors

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