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by Goldie on October 21, 2009

in Cooking

Tonight we had the worlds best pasta sauce.  In one of my new cookbooks, Levana Cooks Dairy-Free!, she has a puttanesca sauce that is absolutely wonderful.  It is rich and flavorful and rather than being a liquidy sauce is thick and filled with tasty vegetables.   I think that Levana is one of my favorite cooks.  Every recipe I’ve tried has been absolutely wonderful.   If you keep Kosher, you’re in luck her cookbooks are kosher, if you like food, you’re in luck because her cookbooks make wonderful gourmet meals that just work.  Her cookbooks also have wonderful pictures and wonderful stories and give you a real feel for the food.

Her website is: Levana Cooks.

And to give you a feel for her flare let me point you to a video of her’s that favorited on You Tube,  Levana Cooks Oatmeal.  Yes oatmeal, the stuff everyone knows how to make – but she takes it and transforms it into a full cooking lesson on cooking and seasoning in general.

Bon Apetit!


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