The News will Find Me – But what will I hear?

by Goldie on October 8, 2009

in Society and Culture,video

One of the comments that I keep hearing about news these days is that if the news is important I’ll find out about it.  More and more people are choosing their community as a filter for information.  In Leo Laporte’s talk on New Media he said “If it is important I’ll find out about it on twitter.”  

New media is extremely powerful in that we can find the information we want and the news sources we chose.  The downside of this choice is that it is very much possible for people to only listen to one point of view, or only hear a single story.   If a person only listenens to that which their community filters to them they can get a very narrow, stereotyped view of the world.  (Admittedly with corporate media there is also quite a limit on what views you will hear, but at the same time there is a bit of breadth to the information.)

I sometimes wonder if we chose to only listen to the news tha finds us what the impact is on our views and on the nature of society.  A single story, as Chimamanda Adichie calls it in her TED talk, can be a dangerous thing.  The difference of course is that to some extent the mainstream media does give us a single story on many issues.  With new media we have the option to hear the many stories that are out there and in fact have a broader view of the world.  The question is is it easier to stay with the single view, or is there some reason that people, beyond those who naturally seek a broader view, will look for many stories. 

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