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A Walk About the PTR

September 29, 2010

I went on the PTR to see some of the changes such as what happens to stats that are going away, what to do the trees look like and the like. I figured that some people won’t be heading over to the PTR and might like to see what these things look like. Most of […]

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Playing Video Games Can Boost Your Career?

July 21, 2010

A while ago I wrote about “The Gamer Divide” and how I think we are approaching a time when gaming is viewed as normal or even positive, instead of some thing that you might want to avoid mentioning. Just this week Forbes had an article on How Playing Video Games Can Boost Your Career. It […]

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Gamer Divide

June 6, 2010

On more than a few sites I’ve been seeing posts where the focus of discussion is the “gamer stigma”.  This is the perception that playing of games is some how a sign of wasting time with something meaningless, or a stigma of gamers in the workplace, or a game could be the “cause” of a […]

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A Collection of Attention

October 16, 2009

Wednesday was apparently so busy that when I woke up on Thursday I realized that I had not posted. Today has been filled with interesting topics, but also a diverse set of topics. Just to give you an idea of what has caught my attention today here are a few links: First off we have […]

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QT: Augmented Reality

August 14, 2009

When I hear (or read) discussions on augmented reality usually it involves various devices – cool glasses that project data over physical reality, cameras that map physical and virtual onto a screen, and other devices that augment input. The other day I was watching the below TED talk on the Design Genius of Charles + […]

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Does Trademark Use Belong in a TOS?

March 25, 2008

Hopefully I will correctly have followed the guidelines and read enough in the four of the, I believe, 8 pages of trademarking law and guidelines that this post will not result in my account in the Second Life® virtual world being revoked. The strange wording of the previous sentence was predicated by the new Terms […]

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Is Griefing Free Speech?

March 18, 2008

I just went to an incredibly interesting panel at Life 2.0 on Intellectual Property, Privacy and Identity in Open Virtual Worlds. One thing that came up in the discussion was griefing, and was griefing free speech. Several people posited that it wasn’t but I think that the issue is not so cut and dried. I […]

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An Autonomous Metaverse – in Text

October 11, 2007

The video in the previous post seems to have disappeared so I will try to recap what I discussed in the previous post. First there is the general lay of the land in law and virtual worlds. Since the people behind the avatars live in a physical space those people will fall under the jurisdiction […]

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An Autonomous Metaverse

October 1, 2007

I have been involved in a discussion over on Virtual Worlds Connect about how law applies to cyberspace. Some side discussions got me thinking about how one might go about creating a virtual world that could have an independent legal system. I thought I’d capture the general ideas in a video. After the introduction to […]

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The Gaming/Social Industry

June 7, 2007

I was reading W. James Au’s article on the gaming industry as well as Joi Ito’s article and I was struck by two things. The first was the irony of the fact that if the gaming industry really is as James Au describes it “young gamer dudes, serving an audience of young gamer dudes” that […]

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