Perception is Everything (or at least a lot)

by Goldie on April 29, 2010

in Society and Culture

Sometimes my dogs really amaze me. I give my girldog pills several times a day. I open her mouth put my hand in her mouth to place the pill right at the back of the mouth and then encourage her to swallow. It’s not my favorite activity, but I am amazed at how much how I do it affects the girl’s attitude about the process. Tonight I was in a bubbly mood and in the “oh wow something fun is coming voice” announced we were going to be doing pilling. I showed her my handful of pills (ok not _that_ many) and she bated on it, tail wagging, ears up. Then I told her, still with the “this is fun and exciting energy and voice, “Here’s the first pill” and opened her mouth, put the pill in, closed her mouth and let her swallow. Her tail was wagging, her ears were up and we continued it until we were done.

This is the same task that sometimes is dolefully done. She really is a good girl. But just because I made it seem like it was going to be a fun adventure she had fun while taking the pills. Now if I could figure out how to do the same for me for various tasks I drag my feet through I’d be golden!

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