Post Shattering – Views of Deathwing

by Goldie on November 26, 2010

in Stories,World of Warcraft

After the patch that brought the Shattering dropped, I hopped onto my new mage to check out the world (and maybe level a bit.)  I logged into Orgrimmar and was immediately lost.  I had no idea where I was.  I stumbled around the city trying to figure out where everything had moved, and eventually found my way to the flightmaster.  I had heard (from trade chat no less) that you could see a great view of the changes to the Barrens by flying to Thunderbluff.  I had wanted to see Thunderbluff anyway so I hopped a wyrven to see.   Off I flew over the new Orgrimmar, over the South Fury river and into the Barrens.  The point nearest to the river didn’t seem so changed, but I watched as the plains swept by.  In the distance I noticed some smoke rising and wondered what I would see ahead.

We flew up over a few trees and as the view cleared…*blink* there was Deathwing, Aspect of Death, breathing fire and…well…death on the plains below.  I watched and looked at the destruction, and then passed over the chasm of the divide.   We kept flying and the wyrvern flew over the hill into the valley of Mulgore safely away from Deathwing.

2 Deathwing!?!?

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