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by Goldie on May 13, 2022

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Words alone are so weak when it comes to capturing  experience. Yet here I write hoping to convey a spot of what I experienced at Get Your Game On London, a one day conference with two days of intensives.  

Friday, the day of the conference, I found that I was amongst my people. Though I knew few folks before I came, each conversation I had showed me the many ways we connected. In the conference itself each speaker inspired and taught something new, yet each talk connected. I was inspired and I wanted to do more. I was in awe of what had been created and put into a day of a conference. 

Saturday morning rolled around and although I came alone, I was already sitting with others at the table as we each shared who we were going to be learning with these next two days.  For me and many at my table it would be Andrea Toyias.

Get Your Game On London program

For anyone into voice acting in video games she is a name.  And she is a powerhouse. In her talk at the conference she said “I want your soul”. She did and she knew how to reach each of us and help us unlock it. An intensive sounds like a concentrated workshop.  It was so much more, two days of transformational learning and bonding occurred.

We came together as mostly strangers, perhaps good acquaintances. When we left we had bonded and connected in a deep way as, dare I claim it, friends from having learned from each other, have taught each other, and having been present for each other.  

In theater we speak of the sacred stage. That room was our sacred stage.  We learned how to delve deeper into the characters we were given how to crack ourselves open to allow our souls to shine within the characters we are given – be they human or creature.  For me acting is about story and connection (and ultimately story is about connection). In those two days we connected and transformed each other.  

I look forward to seeing where each one of us takes this transformation and what they reveal next.

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