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Humor: Reply to WoW Dev Team on Reciept of Perky Pug

August 5, 2010

Dear WoW Dev Team, Thank you for my perky pug. He is a wonderful companion. Unfortunately he appears to have worms. I stopped by the pet store and Breanni didn’t have anything to treat him, and while the pet grooming kit has left him sparkling it doesn’t seem to have given the poor thing any […]

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Azeroth Public Radio

May 3, 2010

This morning, listening to the news on the radio, I started pondering what the radio shows in Azeroth would be like. In discussing the idea with Shamir, we decided that the gnomes would run the public radio station. You would have announcements like “This episode brought to you by Sisters of Elune”. Goblin radio on […]

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